We sell our furniture to a wide variety of organizations, both public and private. We have current dealings with selling office furniture to Government offices, most of whom have become loyal and repeat customers. We also sell to healthcare and educational offices, as well. And, commercial enterprises are some our biggest customers – for a reason. Specializing in other areas such as design/space planning, installation and relocation assistance, companies find our full-service approach to furniture sales to be very satisfying.

We encourage you to contact us and learn more on what we can offer you! Call us at 336-973-7008 (Wilkesboro) or 704-871-1961 (Statesville) or reach out to us via our web form.

Office Furniture

We offer just about every kind of office furniture equipment, including chairs, file cabinets, cubicles, desks and more. Office Furniture Concepts works with you in order to make your workplace as comfortable and beautiful as possible while retaining the sanctity of the office. You will find a plethora of variety for any piece of furniture that you need. Be it the big desk for the corner office, executive spaces, conference rooms or space-efficient cubicles for your valued employees. The office furniture that we offer will last long and help your office be as organized as it possibly can. We also boast being recognized for our very reasonable pricing.

Ergonomic Furniture

The more comfortable your employees are in the workplace, the more productive they are. Your employees should not have to use substandard furniture to save costs or space. Ergonomic furniture is especially vital if you have employees with health issues that have special needs. Some of our ergonomic furniture and accessories include adjustable height tables, keyboard and monitor support along with ergonomic lighting, all of which are expressly designed to impact the user’s health negatively as little as possible. We continue our research daily to provide more ergonomic furniture.

Systems Furniture

We offer systems furniture as per request of your office. We also offer consultations and advice to you on which systems furniture would be ideal for your office space. Desk-Based and Benching Systems, Spine-Based Systems, Panel-Based Systems, Storage-Based Systems and Wall-Based Systems to name a few.

Furniture Accessories

Accessories can make a significant difference to the comfort and appearance of office furniture. Accessories allow you to decorate and add more personalized features to the office. Accessories such as Window treatments, task lighting, and chair mats could substantially increase the beauty of the office as well as improve the comfort levels.

Office Furniture Concepts provides an extensive range of quality office furniture, from office workstations and cubicles to furniture accessories and beyond, to businesses throughout Wilkesboro, Statesville, Elkin, Jonesville, Hickory, Salisbury, Sparta, Jefferson, Taylorsville, Mooresville & Winston-Salem and Western NC. We are a one source vendor for many national companies with offices throughout the United States.

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